Opulessence Luxury Pillow Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it

Like to support Guide Dogs, but not yet convinced as to the quality of our pillows? In addition to being chosen by many 5 star hotels and motels across Australia, read below to see what our customers have to say:

My experience with the Opulessence Pillow is like sleeping in a five star hotel every night, it really is ultimate luxury when you lay your head down on this pillow. This pillow is ultra soft yet firm enough that you do not wake up with a sore neck the next morning, and I found unlike my older pillows I was not putting my arm underneath the pillow to prop it up a bit, as there was just the right amount of density to make me feel very comfortable thus giving me a sound sleep all night long. After a tried and tested period, my Opulessence Pillow stayed in the uniform shape and fluffiness day after day, week after week. I even washed it to see how it would hold up after a good wash and dry, the pillow looked and felt the same as the day it arrived. This pillow does have a wow factor, the comfort is superb.

As it turns out my partner suffers from both asthma and hayfever so we temporarily swapped pillows to see how he felt from the health benefits the pillow contains as well as its unrelenting comfort. My partner found he could breathe easier during the night and was not waking up from sinus or breathing problems, we thought this was a brilliant result in such a short amount of time using the pillow. As for comfort he enjoyed the fact there was not down or feathers in the pillow yet he still felt like his head was floating in a cloud. We do believe this pillow is a good investment for those who suffer from allergies and asthma, the thought of having relief of annoying allergies and asthma symptoms at night makes the thought of sleeping on this pillow all the better, not to mention the comfort and luxury that goes with it. We both thoroughly enjoyed this product.
Opulessence Customer @ Aussie Product Review

The Opulessence pillow is the best pillow I have ever had. As a person suffering from neck problems for a number of years, I find this pillow has suited my needs as no other has.

Alex D, Mt Colah

After a hard days work I look forward to having a restful nights sleep of pleasant dreams while laying my head upon a luxurious Opulessence pillow.

Kevin C, Queenscliff

Allow yourself that touch of opulessence and invest in an Opulessence pillow – you will get value and comfort for money.

Jocelyn A, Artarmon

I love my Opulessence pillow for its non-microbial properties and that it has relieved considerable neck pain and discomfort I was previously experiencing. I also love that I can machine wash and tumble dry this very comfortable pillow.

Anne-Marie S, North Sydney

My asthma attacks have ceased completely since I got my Opulessence pillow. I get a better nights sleep.

George C, Bass Hill